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Video - Help?

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[The feed clicks on and there's a Japanese girl with a wide smile looking hopefully into the camera.]

Hello! [She gives a little wave.]

My name is Amiko Kurasawa. There is something wrong with this network device I have been given. Might somebody help me?

the daddening commences

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WHO: Kotetsu and Lucy
WHERE: In Heropa, at a bus stop
WHEN: uhhhh sometime. in september. waves hands.
WHAT: two nerds get lost on the bus
WARNINGS: none expected
and no one knows, how far the yellow line goes )
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WHO: Pucci, his shitty stand, you???
WHERE: all over
WHEN: late september - mid october probably
WHAT: a catch-all for some log threads, several open. if you want to do something i'm very open for plotting, pm me here or at [ profile] dichotomy. dear god i hope i did this right
WARNINGS: nothing atm, will edit as it goes

open prompts )
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WHO: Lucy Steel & OPEN
WHERE: De Chima and Heropa, but you are welcome to yolo a prompt and find her wherever.
WHEN: The last week of September.
WHAT: Lucy does her civic duty, cleans the kitchen, takes notes, and almost drowns.
WARNINGS: None so far!

just didn't seem too real. )
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Considering apping into MASK OR MENACE? Want to dip your toes into the setting and get a feel of whether your character will fit into it? Or maybe you're just cruising and want to play around? Then you've come to the right place!

Pick any of the following scenarios below or feel free to make up your own, but don't be afraid to throw yourself at someone else's thread, either!

And remember there's only one rule in Test Drive Meme Club: HAVE FUN ON THE TEST DRIVE MEME!

    01. The city of Heropa is what one might expect from a small, bright and cheery place, where locals are friendly enough and local shop owners might offer a free drink to welcome you to their fair city. Many of the locals might thank you for always lending your service to the nation and their local troubles, while others might not say anything -- but if you have something nasty to say, better not say anything at all, right? That's just the Heropan way.

    But despite the relatively small size and mostly easy-going population, this here is not a city immune to the urbane ways of the world. And Heropa, like the rest of the world, adheres to the calendar of this universe. You, fine imPort, have just happened to land squarely on SING LIKE YOU'RE IN A MUSICAL DAY! Wowee! Locals and tourist natives alike will conspire to cajole you into singing your GREATEST WISHES and CLOSING ACT songs. And, oh, you don't feel like singing? Then BEWARE of anyone spritzing a sweet-smelling yellow perfume at you -- that's a lasting vestige from the crumbled HEAVEN SCENT corporation, still on the market, and it will COMPEL YOU TO SING. Even if it's for a few minutes, you'll be singing a few bars. It's nothing personal, the locals just want you to feel like you belong.

    Happy Sing Like You're In A Musical Day!

    02. De Chima, Virginia, is a large city with a healthy economy, and though it's quieter than Heropa, there are still large numbers of citizens to be awed at your very presence. Look at you! Organic wonder! Those words have meaning here. Science and technology are the lifeblood of this city, so you're likely to come across a good many locals taking your picture with the newest of devices or recently published PLoS papers. The imPort craze remains high here, and you may find yourself cornered by overzealous imPort fans, media wannabes and opportunists alike, shoving cameras in your face. Some of them MAY ask if you personally know the De Chima Ambassador, Sam Merlotte. Beware if you answer in the affirmative; anything from personal questions about romantic chances to bedroom habits to dietary queries might come up!

    If you wander the clean streets beneath those chrome and glass skyscrapers, you'll come upon the limited greenery clearing that De Chima possesses. You'll see a live demonstration in the middle of small Newton Park. A live demonstration! Of what, you ask! Of the start-up company DeCRYPTO CANINE! You'll find a fenced little area in the park fitted for a low-rise stage. On that stage are lots of dogs -- terriers, labradors, dachshunds, huskies, even a great dane or two. Around the collar of every one of these dogs is a glowing blue band encapsulated in a silver framing. When the demonstration begins (at the push of a big red button on a remote control), the glowing blue changes to yellow, to green, or to red -- all depending on the dog.

    "Communication with our good canine buds!" Says the woman on the stage with the microphone and the remote. "DeCRYPTO CANINE translates blood pressure and adrenaline into mood, and mood into limited speech! At long last!"

    Who let the dogs out? This woman, because she opened the fencing floodgates and these dogs ran to greet the waiting audience. Wagging tails -- green! And a computerized voice says "YOU ARE NEW HELLO I SMELL YOUR BUTT NOW WE ARE FRIENDS".

    Whimpering, lowered tails -- yellow! Concern! "YOUR CROTCH SMELLS BAD. ARE YOU SICK."

    Tense shoulders, hunched posture -- red! "BAD MAN BAD MAN BAD MAN!"

    What will these dogs reveal about you?

    03. Maurtia Falls, Pennsylvania has carried a reputation for ups and downs ever since imPorts began reappearing again, just those few years prior. Several imPort heroes have put focused efforts into cleaning up the streets of this somewhat infamous city, while a handful of others had swooped in to help the criminal industry thrive. More so here than the streets of any other imPort city, the battle between good and evil looks more like a war of escalation than a heroic tale -- but that war waging is taking a turning tide thanks to the order and regulation established by Ambassador Petyr Baelish. Locals know him best for his library and his hardline on containing the criminal element. Trustworthy guy, they'll tell you. But one man's leadership isn't enough to clean up a troubled city in a year's time; everything from the classic bank heist to brutal bloodbaths can happen around the corner. You have to keep your eyes open and your mind sharp when you live in Maurtia Falls.

    Case in point: the two cars screeching down the bust, bustling streets of this noir-styled city. A green car and a red car, both sedan styled, dodging and weaving through midday traffic like they had learned to drive at a bumper car rally. Not too far behind is the wail of several police sirens. You know that the police are too far away, that these speeding vehicles might make it to the off-ramp freeway and get home-free -- what do you do about it? Huh, hero? What do you do?

    Just go about your business. Crazy day, huh?

    Going 79 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, that'll be some chase. Careful about the other vehicles, parked cars, pedestrians. But when you catch up to the fleeing vehicle, beware: the lady in the passenger side is armed. The lady in the driver's seat is armed. The guy tied up in the trunk is not armed. These sunglass-wearing bounty hunters will fire at you, they are armed and dangerous. They are mean. They will not humor your shit. And they are hauling tail trying to...

    If you pursue the red car first, you will find a very angry Bonnie and Clyde type couple with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and jewels in their backseat. They have a bazooka.

    04. Nonah, North Carolina, has its own unique rhythm; it is loud, busy and there's some kind of energy in the air that gets everyone buzzing with excitement. To be American is to be part of a melting pot, and that there's more money to be made by the thriving local industries hardly hurts. Natives may gather around new arrivals and ask both personal and broad questions about life as an imPort, what they are looking forward to, what their favorite article of underwear is. They probably already think they know what Ambassador Miles' favorite article of underwear is -- and it's probably a kinky assumption. Whoops!

    If you prefer to dodge the unsavory bustle, take a walk downtown into the heartbeat district. There you can find the throbbing nightclubs and dazzling haute bars. And as a newly arrived imPort, you're invited to the VIP lounge of the hautest bar in town: THE TIPPING POINT. It is a very fancy affair, however, so if you're not dressed to the nines, you WILL be taken care of and given a designer suit or cocktail dress to borrow for the evening. All you have to do in return is smile for the cameras! And there WILL be cameras, along with B-List celebrities hobbing at your elbows. Lucky night for you if you're JUST at the legal drinking age, but not quite there -- this lounge doesn't card. So sit down, take your gin and tonic, and smile.

Big Brother 3000

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:09 pm
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Hello MoMites! As the summer ends and the new fall lineup begins, the television studios of MoM’s America are auditioning for their own brand-new show, Big Brother 3000: a reality TV show in space. And every imPort is being asked to try-out!

As there are IC rewards for participating in each day, we ask you to please comment HERE with your character name as the header and a link to their activity for each day of the competition they participate in in the body of the comment. If you have multiple characters participating, please make a separate comment for each one. This list will also be of use to us in future events involved with the show, so even if your character isn’t picked for the show itself don’t lose hope!

The characters selected will be announced at the end of October, so please feel free to keep tagging and having your characters appear in the various try-out days throughout October. The IC post linked above explains many of the details, especially about each of the try out days. Please direct all questions HERE.

4, 3, 2, 1

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WHO: All imPorts
WHERE: Heropa convention center
WHEN: September 23 - 25
WHAT: Auditions for the new reality TV show sweeping the nation!
WARNINGS: None anticipated; let us know if this needs to be changed.

You may think that thanks to the sheer volume of interviews on the street that happen in porter cities every month the natives may have started tuning you out. You, though, would be so very, very, wrong. Though whichever imPort first mentioned a little thing called Big Brother as their favorite TV show has been lost to the annuls of history, the idea of reality TV has caught on in this version of America. What started with the seeds of a few random imPorts getting assigned their own show by the government has finally blossomed into the inevitable: auditions for an all imPort, live-in reality TV show organized, sponsored, and totally produced by private businesses. Welcome, imPorts, to BIG BROTHER 3000.
Earth below us, drifting falling )
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WHO: Utena Tenjou and YOU
WHERE: Mostly Heropa, but there's one prompt for the other Porter cities
WHEN: All throughout September
WHAT: A belated September catch-all log. Utena goes to the library, gets detention, takes a second job, passes out at restaurants, and cleans up some vandalism. It's a busy month. Additional closed prompts for specific characters will be posted in the comments later.
WARNINGS: None so far.

01. The Library! (Heropa), all throughout September )

02. Detention (Heropa High School), any time in September )

03. Paper delivery (Heropa), throughout September )

04. Grabbing a drink, a bite to eat... and a nap (any of the Porter cities), throughout September )

05. Sports Center Vandalism (Heropa), late September )

06. Wildcard )


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Hey, guys! Some of you may have noticed that tags have gone to a standstill for about a week and a half or so - this is just a notice that this will probably continue for a few days, and that they'll be coming back in a trickle, not a deluge. My apologies for that, and for not being in communication with you all for it; some RL and health stuff prevented me from coming online.

When I come back, I intend to tag a lot of what's been left behind, but some will be dropped as well, so I encourage you to let me know what you'd absolutely like for me to keep - and to tell me if too long has passed, and if you'd prefer that I just drop it now.

Thank you, and thank you for your continued patience with me! It's much appreciated.

(This affects Rusty Venture ([personal profile] musclemothers), Jaime Reyes ([personal profile] khajidont), and Magnus Burnsides ([personal profile] burlyboy) )

EDIT: Actually, while I'm not really around anyway - Magnus Burnsides will be ported out for 24 hours to fine-tune one of his powers a little. This will take place onnnn the 25th, but I'm pretty sure most of his CR will just think he's fucked off to the woods for a night. THAT'S IT.

10th Mission // Text // Links are IC

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Jacob Taylor here. I've got an update on the investigation into the OTO. That's Otherworld Technologies Organization for the new people on the Network: they're a group that's been responsible for a lot of the bad things that have happened this year. The report is here for anyone who wants to take a look at it.

If you're going after the OTO, be careful. They're seriously bad news. But we need to keep chasing them down, before they hurt more people. The government's been supporting our operations so far: they're on our side on this one. If you find anything out, you can tell me or another member of the RISE team.

That's not the only thing I wanted to talk about, though. Last week, a friend of mine took a life in combat. He's facing the consequences for it now. I've done the same thing plenty of times, in the military and out of it. And I know some of the OTO's scientists didn't survive the raid on their cloning facility last month.

It's a heavy thing to deal with. Sometimes it's necessary. But a lot of people think imPorts are dangerous right now. If we do too much damage, we're going to risk proving them right about us. Doesn't matter if it's because we're battling bad guys.

I think this fight with the OTO is just getting started. It's not going to be the last time we have to make those kinds of choices. And we need to work together if we're going to beat them. I figure that'll be easier if we're all clear on where we stand. About what we're willing to do to get it done.

So here's what I want to ask you: would you kill, to save a life? Or is that going too far for you? And how do you want to hold people accountable for something like that?

hiatus heads up

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I've hiatused from now until October 22nd. Hopefully I will be back in action before then, but the old brainmeats are being a bit hideous, so I thought I might just take some pressure off myself and put up an official apology for being slow and flakey while I wrangle things.

This will effect Lara Croft ([personal profile] crofts), MK ([personal profile] ewenique), Shadow Moon ([personal profile] shadohdamn) and this sentient dumpster, Sarissa.

I might need to drop some things when I return, but if we have something going that is important to hash out for IC development reasons or plot stuff, please let me know and I will continue tagging that as speedily and reliably as I can! I'm still around and available for chatting and will be able to focus on threads here and there, I just need to free up some mental energy for juggling other stuff atm.

text - kid's canon woes

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